NIRA tasked with producing Birth Certificates and National IDs for Animals

The National Information and registration authority (NIRA) has a new task ahead of it, the registration and certification of all Animals in Uganda ready for export. The new proposal was raised by the Ministry of Agriculture who asserted that Importers prefer animals with valid information on their birth, country of origin and unique identifiers.

In order to achieve new industry standards on export, issuance of National IDs to animals would make them identifiable by clan and area code location as requested by importers on the other end of the dice. As a matter of fact, the Internet community has already welcomed the new NIRA task with blots of Memes all over the web.

Countries we export animals require proof of life for the livestock we take their, they want to be sure of the quality we export to them

Vincent Ssempijja – Minister of Agriculture
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However, the same way getting yourself a Birth or Death certificate is as easy as visiting the NIRA portal, Its the same way farmers will be able to document livestock in a way that will be unveiled once the Ministry of Agriculture is successful with the new plan.

Additionally, the Minister inked that ID cards would give all livestock unique ID numbers in a similar fashion to that of the official National ID card (NIN). But then, with the rise of Smart agriculture options like the Jaguza app that pops up as a solution to identification, we believe the ministry will dive into a digital alternative that will still be authenticated by NIRA.

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In summary, Animals will soon have Identification numbers as per the new Ministry of Agriculture plans to improve on the export standards and re-shuffle at the importer’s end. Nonetheless, NIRA is expected to issue a public notice about its new task ahead and if all goes well, the Ministry of agriculture will ride on global standards as planned.

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