How to reset your Airtel Kenya Mobile Money PIN Code

Forgetting a Mobile money pin code is an easy tale given the need to always change your online password and PINs. Luckily, service providers have devised ways in which users can easily reset forgotten pins with ease.

Airtel Kenya as one of the vast mobile money services in the region allows customers to easily reset their pin codes by entering specific information about the Airtel money account in question.

As a limit, to reset your Airtel Kenya Mobile money Pin by yourself, you need to have a balance of Kshs 500 or below. If your account balance, exceeds Kshs 500, then the customer care helpline 1522 checks in as the best option.

Well, to reset your Airtel Kenya Money Pin, all you need to do is access the Airtel money menu via *222# to choose PIN reset from the main menu, and enter your Kenya National ID details or passport you used to register the SIMcard.

Resetting your Airtel Kenya Mobile Money PIN

Forgotten PIN:

  • Dial *222#
  • From the Menu, Select My Account
  • Then choose option 7 (PIN reset)
  • Enter your ID or Passport number you registered your line with
  • Enter your new 4 Digit PIN
  • Confirm the new PIN by entering it again
  • Done: Wait for a confirmation SMS of the change
  • Note: If the ID details match with your SIMcard, your Pin will be reset, if it doesn’t, the process will fail

Normal PIN Reset/Change:

  • Dial *222#
  • Select My Account
  • Then, choose Change PIN
  • Enter your current PIN
  • Then, enter your new PIN
  • Confirm the new PIN by entering it again
  • Done: Your PIN will be changed to the new PIN
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