Rwanda has the cheapest data bundles in Africa – Report

Rwanda data bundles are the cheapest in Africa and this may surprise you but accept it with a higher thought. In Africa, data is known to be expensive depending on the service provider costs involved to procure a connection to all customers. However, this is not the case in countries like India and its to this same fashion that Rwanda borrowed a leaf as the cheapest data packages jungle in Africa.

In a report published by WeeTracker, Rwanda shakes internet prices up at a rate of $0.56 per GB of data. As a matter of fact, no other country in Africa beats these rates and if it crunches into a debate, double check with what your service provider is offering aside from the Gaga Wednesday or Freaky Friday and Don’t be cheated packs in Uganda.

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Internet prices in Africa

Zimbabwe is the most lucrative biller of internet data in Africa at a rate of $75 per month, a price which is so absurd with a peep to the $100 budget-friendly smartphones league. The Mugabe nation is followed by Equatorial Guinea where 1 GB costs $66, Saint Helena $55 and Djibouti $38.

Among the key low countries offering data at unbeatable prices after Rwanda include South Sudan at $0.68 and Congo DRC at $0.88 for 1GB of data. Well, does this mean Government policies are shining hard on service providers hiking the prices of Internet data (MBs) in Africa?

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It is to be noted that India is a densely populated region and the demand for internet is twice 2 African countries combined. Luckily the Punjabi region has the cheapest data prices on the globe with 1GB of data sold at $0.26, a price that even Rwanda doesn’t hope to ride on within the near future.

All in all, the landlocked Rwandan region has the cheapest data bundles and its by no doubt that startups are starting to breed from this fertile zone. So, as startups in Uganda continue to flourish with investors pulling on a perfect trend, internet prices are still very high with 1GB priced at approx $3 (12,000/=) on major networks like MTN & Airtel.

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