SafeBoda Credit just got better with 50% off all cashless trips

SafeBoda credit is a cashless movement that is revolutionalizing travel in the ride-hailing industry. The cashless riding option allows a rider to travel without a single coin in the pocket and reach safely without facing any mixed up brawls with the driver. By the same fashion, SafeBoda credit just got better with a 50% slash off all cashless trips taken by a customer.

With only a few weeks after Taxify bowed to rider ratings and rebranded to bolt, the orange camp reply is revolutionary by making cashless travel the number 1 priority for all riders. As a matter of fact, SafeBoda credit is just an easy to top up trick every rider can rely on to hail on a Boda in Kampala.

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In 2017, the orange branded boda hailing camp used to offer a 100% bonus on credit top-ups and it’s by no doubt that this trend is slowly resurrecting from a max discount zone. If you’re a SafeBoda customer, all you have to do is replace your cash schedule with a mobile money in-app top up to hang on a 50% off all trips line.

To top up SafeBoda credit, Go to the app’s payment option and choose top up with Mobile money to approve purchase through your Airtel/MTN Mobile money line. Amazingly, the new 50% discount applies to all trips taken and the new fare is displayed before you request/pair a driver.

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Although the 50% slash off all cashless trips comes at a time when the orange camp tipped drivers with a hike during on-peak hours. The new discount is applicable to only Cashless trips meaning the usual rates remain constant for cash riders with a favor to credit subscribers.

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