SafeBoda revises its trip rates with an increase during peak hours

SafeBoda is a boda hailing service that has grown popular from its glory days in 2014 to date, with its orange branded drivers shining bright in Kampala as the best motorbike hailing service. Uber boda and Dial Jack are some of the key competitors giving the firm some great head to head competition as Taxify boda is now struggling step by step down the ladder to a point that it may exit Uganda.

Unlike the rest of the boda hailing apps, SafeBoda has always not had any trip increments during peak hours. Through the service, one would request for a boda ride without any trip reflections like high traffic carried forward to the trip, but now, SafeBoda has made it much easier for the drivers to rejoice with the introduction of these trip fares.

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How SafeBoda’s new trip increments reflect on the app

Before requesting for a trip, the SafeBoda app will display the trip estimate as usual and increment any peak figures to the same trip cost. However, the 25% credit discount still applies for those who wish to follow the simple steps to top up SafeBoda credit.

So, the new trip increments reflect on your app’s trip fare and are sum up for a joint trip cost at the end of the trip. Hence, expect to see a rise in your usual evening trips mainly around the city center. Now that SafeBoda has joined the league of its competitors in charging slightly higher fees during peak times, must we expect to see waiting times and fines crossing over to the service? It’s 2019 and it’s a new 360days  to watch the hailing industry trends.

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