SafeBoda Introduces free delivery for food and home essentials on its App

Amidst a countrywide lockdown in Uganda that features a ban on public and private transport, SafeBoda has introduced free delivery of food and home essentials for customers.

SafeBoda food which is the company’s major delivery service now holds a shop feature where a user can easily buy home essentials through the App.

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Through leveraging new sellers and existing merchants on the SafeBoda app, users can now purchase basic needs ranging from food to market essentials including fruits and vegetables as SafeBoda inked in its quick usage guide:

  • Craving for local food? Order Kya’kulya on SafeBoda app by tapping the food icon on your SafeBoda app and search for Kyakulya on the app.
  • Fruits and vegetables? Tap on food delivery, type shop for groceries in the search bar.
  • Thirsty? Coca-Cola? Rwenzori? Minute Maid? Order from Coca-Cola by selecting food delivery on your app, type shop in the search bar and select shop select.
  • Working from home and need to send a document? Use “Send” on SafeBoda app
  • Need to send money to a friend? Use “SafeBoda Wallet” on SafeBoda app
  • Need to shop for home essentials, tap on food delivery, type shop in the search bar, tap shop shell select.

However, for users to get full and easier access to the SafeBoda services, updating the App comes in handy with rebranding on the App’s main dashboard with major alterations on the food & shop tab.

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With free delivery on all orders, SafeBoda is not only utilising its over 10,000 active drivers base, but also posing stiff competition to Jumia which ranks as the bullish e-commerce delivery service in Uganda.

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