SafeBoda, Vivo Energy Partner to Improve road safety for School Children

After ensuring a comfortable slot for its services in the ride-hailing industry, SafeBoda has now crossed lines to ensure maximum safety for each and every road user with a first roll-out to school children in partnership with Vivo Energy Uganda.

The 2 brands launched their new campaign dubbed “Heads Up” earlier yesterday as a norm to improve safety for all school children in Uganda. In fact, the new campaign runs on a “No helmet No Boda” Motto

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During the Road Safety launch held at Natete Junior School, SafeBoda’s Co-founder Ricky Rapa Thompson exclaimed the hailing giant’s take on improving road safety beyond manning safe hailing trips in Kampala.

On the other hand, Vivo Energy’s Managing Director Gilbert Assi further stretched the need for collective road safety practices amidst the fact that accidents are still on a fast-rising trend with low signs of meeting eager bears anytime soon.

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How School Children will benefit from the new road Safety Heads Up Campaign

School Children at Natete Junior School served as the first beneficiaries of the new ‘Heads Up’ road safety campaign. Every Child received a free helmet as a sign of safer trips whenever they cruise to and from school

The Helmets branded with both SafeBoda and Vivo Energy logos come in a white finish and are available in almost all selected schools in Kampala.

However, as the two Companies__Vivo Energy and SafeBoda continue to preach their road safety message beyond just the normal road usage culture, their new campaign is an ignition of a brighter future for almost all road users in Uganda with School Children serving as the first campaign beneficiaries.

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