5 TECNO Camon 12 features that make it a must buy Smartphone

TECNO Camon 12 is the latest TECNO mobile release and first Camon to feature a waterdrop display standard. Packed with a pile of upgrades coping to its predecessor market insights, the Camon 12 is just another feature-packed midrange release

We’ve had the Camon 12 Smartphone for a period of 3-weeks by the time of writing and our preview lane features a tale of interesting features that give it a must-buy score aside its lows we shall entail in our upcoming review article

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Though the TECNO Camon 11 still rocks the market as a budget-friendly choice, here are 5 features that make its successor the perfect Smartphone to add on your festive budget list.

Low light Camera performance

Low light camera performance is a key mobile photography aspect that brings to book the function of an LED flashlight. However, not so many Smartphones cope with low light conditions when it comes to taking selfies/rear photos in the dark

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TECNO Camon 12 front camera
The TECNO Camon 12 Front Camera lowlight performance

But for the TECNO Camon 12, the front dual LED flashlights make quality selfies achievable in low light as the rear quad LED flash further crafts crisp quality images from an f2.8 triple Lens Iris rating.

Amazingly, both the front and rear cameras support the f2.8 Iris rating meaning you can still take quality low light photos by triggering the HDR option without using the LED flashlights for low battery usage.

Battery life

The Camon 12 is gifted with a 4000mAh battery, but with a couple of optimisation tweaks, the battery performs like one with a 5000mah capacity. In fact, with less full network usage, the Camon 12 can have a 3-day uptime without flipping for a charge.

Improved screen and Display ratio

The Phablets trend exploded with the introduction of 6.0-inch Smartphones a few years back, but the Camonn 12 re-imagines the beauty of owning a big-screen smartphone with a standard body size.

With a 6.6 Screen size riding on a 720*1600 resolution and a new waterdrop notch display standard, the device body attracts minimal bezels and a sleek backplate making the Camon 12 lightweight with a wide-view screen in the same loop.

Extra Storage to Keep you on the Go

What files can you store on a 64GB memory stick? Well, the Camon 12 gives you the standard as an Internal memory companion and not just for the expandable memory card slot that accepts up to 128GB.

This means you can store your device’s photos/videos and other files without worrying about the full storage notification depending on your storage streak. However, with 4GB RAM coupled to the device, this means fast performance with enough storage cores for no sluggish apps performance

Upgradable Operating System & HiOs

Android 9 Pie is the default TECNO Camon 12 operation system, but the Smartphone allows an upgrade path to newer versions like Android 10 once a new release is compatible with the device.

On the other hand, HiOS 5.5 (TECNO’s custom firmware) pre-installed on the device supports major app upgrades enhancing support for almost all latest apps ion the Google Playstore.

All in all, the Camon 11 is a major 2018 release that we reviewed as perfect buyers choice, but with the Camon 12 as its successor, it’s new display ratios and fully optimized performance standards grant it the must-have pin for as low as UGX 580,000.

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