These are the new Driving License rates in Uganda

Driving License Rates in Uganda have now been updated with a change in pricing and a rename from Driving Permit to a License. The new changes have taken effect with the take over of Uganda Security Printing Company from Face Technologies as the official authority that issues driving permits, now driving license as authorised by the Ministry of Works and Transport.

Well, the new Driving License Rates in Uganda come with a change in security features, payment modes, and issuance timeframe. Key driving features include new hidden security features that make it hard to fake, also, you can use the Uganda driving license in EAC and COMESA partner countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, among others.

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With a new name from Driving Permit to Driving license, payment for your driving credential card has also changed with a need to pay directly to URA through the Bank, mobile money, or digital payment channels like Payway, Chipper Cash, Pebuu, among others.

Likely, the new driving license rates in Uganda come with an extended 5 years tier which is the first of its kind. It means, you can choose to pay for a 1 year, 3 years, or 5years driving license at UGX 135,000, UGX 230,000, and UGX 330,000 for a new license respectively.

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The New Driving License Rates in Uganda

Type of License1 year (UGX)3 years (UGX)5 years (UGX)
Learner’s (Temporary)60,000
New full Driving License135,000230,000330,000
Driving License Renewal130,000210,000310,000
Duplicate Driving License121,000121,000120,000
Class extension/class121,000121,000121,000
Foreign Exchange230,000230,000330,000
Text fees for each class25,00025,00025,000
The New Driving License Rates in Uganda

All in All, if you want to get a driving permit in Uganda, it now has a new name, a driving license. Additionally, you can get a duplicate of your driving license directly from the issuing company without searching for a plastic ID printery to have a reserved copy of your on-road credentials. Nonetheless, with the license rates staying average, it’s now easier to obtain a driving license in Uganda from the new issuing company offices at Main Railway station on Plot 57 Nasser Road.

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