Tweetdeck surpasses Twitter Client as the best full feature Desktop variant

Tweetdeck now supports polls, threads and Emoji's on its dekstop platform

Tweetdeck is one of the best Twitter supported services that give you a free passport to the world of Tweeting beyond limits. The default Twitter desktop client has always had super niche features beyond Tweetdeck including creating polls, GIFs plus Emoji’s and the latest being the ability to retweet with graphics. But now, the most convenient hashtag tracking platform Tweetdeck has also shipped the same trendy features shooting arrows to the desktop client winning streak.

Among the exciting features that make have always lifted Tweetdeck to the Netizen standards include excellent unique hashtag tracking tabs that cant be met on any other authorized 3rd party service. Amazingly, the new Tweetdeck features ship in at a time when the initial desktop design changed from a crisp ordinary view to a tablet like formation a few weeks back.

With hashtag tracking, Polls, Threads, GIFs, Images and Videos all in one multi-account window, Tweetdeck is one big Twitter variant that will not only take over as the most used 3rd party app, but also bring an end to the floshy official desktop client glory. As a fact, the 3rd party service was already popular without the new features as the desktop client duplicates will now spice its ranks to the Alexa top 10 list.

The new Tweetdeck features

  • Threads
  • Polls
  • Emoji’s
  • GIFs
  • Dark Mode for the Tweet Bar

All in all, these new TweetDeck features are enough to make desktop Tweeps change their minds from creating threads in the default client and copy the talk with flowing hashtags in one Window. Hence, must we say Rest In Peace to the Twitter desktop client or a big thumbs up for Tweetdeck through the overall ranks? To us, the new features have already twisted our thoughts to riding with a comfortable multi-account Tweeting spree though Tweetdeck is another OTT taxed platform.

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