Zoom hits 300 million users, promises better security with Zoom 5.0

Zoom is currently the most popular video conferencing service. Thanks to the COVID19 pandemic that has seen massive downloads of the App’s Computer and Smartphone App. The company noted that it has risen from serving 10 million users to now 300 million users in a period of just months.

The new Zoom mark was revealed by its CEO Eric S. Yuan during a Webinar who further promised Zoom 5.0__An upgrade of the Zoom service. According to Eric, Zoom will upgrade its current encryption mechanism to AES 256 bit GCM.

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Initially, Zoom didn’t support end to end encryption attracting Man in the middle and sniffing attacks, a factor that raised security concerns from experts and users alike. With AES 256 bit, end to end encryption will now be a default for all Zoom calls.

The encryption upgrade is further to ensure more security for users during video calls. With a new security layer, a host will have easy access to most used security features on top of the ability to enable call waiting.

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With 300 Million users currently flocking Zoom for its multiple video conferencing giving strong competition to platforms like Skype. The platform is popular for Meetings, Webinars, Conference rooms, voice (phone system), and instant chats.

Now, Zoom 5.0 with more security features is expected to be out by the end of April, though a majority of the features are already being activated on the current version and all you’d need is to update your App for better security and more extensive features.

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