Broadband Internet in Uganda: Here is what the Top Providers offer

Broadband Internet in Uganda is a game-changing connectivity standard that has garnered bullish popularity with the current COVID19 Pandemic. Over the years, Broadband Internet providers in Uganda have not invested much in marketing their offers, and preaching their services to average consumers as compared to mobile providers who continue to dominate with affordable, yet attractive offers.

In terms of reliability and link uptime, broadband internet serves as a clear leader against mobile internet. With Mobile, a user’s voice + data enabled SIMcard avails both call and internet services on the go with subscriptions available in daily, weekly, and monthly tiers as MB/GB Bundles.

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Well, for broadband internet in Uganda, the MB Economy doesn’t go away, but in developed countries where true unlimited is a reality, broadband providers in those regions only serve unlimited packages to subscribers.

In Uganda, a bunch of providers too promise Unlimited Internet, but so far, several users have not tasted joy in their packages as compared to mobile and fiber FFTX connections.

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The leading broadband internet providers in Uganda include MTN, Airtel, Roke Telkom, and Liquid Telecom as the most popular end-user broadband carriers. Among these, only Liquid Telecom leaps off the MB economy with its plans starting at a high of UGX 165,000 as compared to the rest of the pack that has packages from as low as UGX 75,000 but with an MB/GB structure.

Nonetheless, with MTN Uganda broadband internet codenamed as Wakanet, Airtel broadband, Roke Telkom as Roke at Home, and Liquid Telcom as Liquid Home. Here is what these broadband internet providers offer in Uganda by price and package speeds.

Broadband Internet Providers in Uganda

Airtel Broadband Internet in Uganda

MTN Wakanet

MTN Wakanet is one of the best broadband internet services in Uganda leaping on the Yello telco’s everywhere you go slogan. To get a Wakanet broadband internet connection, you pay UGX 245,000 as installation fees that come with a 32user 4G router, a network booster, and 35GB no expiry data.

MTN Wakanet Broadband Internet Packages

By the time of launch, MTN Uganda made the broadband service available in areas of Kira, Kiwatule, Naalya, Kyanja, and Ntinda for a dry run. But based on the telco’s wide network coverage across the country, the service is believed to be available in Kampala, Wakiso, Mbarara, Jinja, and most Ugandan Cities.

Airtel Broadband

Think of Airtel Broadband as a super-fast dedicated internet service that was launched as a stable option for users in need of a fast yet reliable home or office internet connection. To signup for an Airtel broadband internet connection, you simply have to pay UGX 280,000 in Installation fees which comes with a free WiFi router, 51GB, and a network booster.

Airtel Broadband Packages and Prices

Roke Telkom

Roke at Home is the ulitmate Roke Telkom offer for home and office users alongside fiber internet offers in specific Kampala estates. Well, Roke at Home broadband Internet comes with GB economy packages, but with free unlimited internet on Weekends and offpeak hours (7am-7pm).

40GB Classic Plus100,0005Mbps
100GB Unlimited Plus300,0005Mbps
Roke Telkom Broadband Packages

To signup for a Roke at Home broadband internet connection, you have to pay UGX 300,000 (discounted for the COVID19 Pandemic period) which includes a free WiFi router, your package of choice, and a free network booster. So far, Roke services are available in several areas of Kampala, Entebbe, Jinja, and Mbarara.

Liquid Telecom

Liquid Telecom is another great broadband provider with unlimited packages trailing at speeds between 20Mbps –– 100Mbps. However, Liquid Telecom is considered one of the worst broadband providers with slow internet and service interruptions contrary to what it advertises. But if well-targeted, its packages range between UGX 169,000 to UGX 469,000.

Unlimited Silver169,00020Mbps
Unlimited Gold269,00040Mbps
Unlimited Platinum469,000100Mbps

To get a Liquid Telecom broadband Internet installation, you simply have to pay UGX 120,000 which tags along with a free WiFi Router, and a network booster. Once installed, you can then subscribe to your preferred package to have your premises connected to the PanAfrican provider’s network signals.

TruIT (YahClick Internet)

TruIT best known for YahClick mobile and broadband internet is a great private service provider that offers a flat connectivity package at UGX 265,000 with super-fast speeds in high coverage areas of Kampala. For installation, you need to pay UGX 555,000 which tags along with a free WiFi router and 1 month subscription.

265,000 Unlimited265,00010 – 25Mbps
TruIT Uganda Broadband Internet Package

Smart Telecom

Smart Telecom is one of the less popular mobile internet providers in Uganda that of recent shifted to the broadband internet league with fewer mobile subscriptions tagged to its presence in the country. Smart Telecom broadband packages are all unlimited offers starting from UGX 260,000 and rise based on your preferred network speeds.

2Mbps Unlimited260,0002Mbps
3Mbps Unlimited390,0003Mbps
4Mbps Unlimited520,0004Mbps
5Mbps Unlimited650,0005Mbps
Smart Telecom Broaband Internet packages
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