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Here is how you can become a great Social Media Influencer in Uganda

Social media is a wave of change that has come with great opportunities flourishing in the heavy winds. Facebook and Twitter are at the forefront of the social media game with bulk followed users terming themselves as influencers and bloggers. Well, becoming an influencer doesn’t require you to hook up a Visa to a world-class institute, but instead, your practices give u a powerup for a career in the digital marketing pool.

This is the difference between LED & LCD Flat TV Screens

Flat TV screens are the most popular home entertainment gadgets retailed in several shops taking the trends list by storm. Hisense, LG, Saachi, Skyworth, and Samsung are some of the most popular brands retailed both online and locally in Uganda. However, these screens are either LED or LCD flat screens with the differences closer to the similarities.

Here is why you should buy a free to Air Decoder to watch TV

Free to air decoders are cost-free as the name suggests, once you own one! you don't need to worry about monthly payments and recharges to watch your favorite local channels. On the contrary, paid decoders ship with monthly charges where you need to cope with at least UGX 10,000 or more to watch the same local channels spiced up with a few external stations too.

Risking data in return for a connection, here is why you shouldn’t trust VPNs

VPNs have grown from IT reserved software to the most downloaded software on the web. As much as VPNs feature both free and paid versions, Free VPNs are the most reliable options everyone can rely on for instant access. However, nothing is 100% free, the services come with a few loopholes granting you a secure path to the internet

How to stop Windows 10 automatic updates

From the time Windows 10 was introduced as the new operating system to battle MacOS in a competitive market. However, we all hate that weird moment  when the computer consumes the Mbs left for another day over your portable hotspot or smartphone terthered connection. As a matter of fact, you should not worry since we have a solution pill to the automatic windows updates burdening your computer/internet connection.

UCC lists details of a fresh new mobile money scam and how it can be avoided

The Uganda communications commission (UCC) through its telecommunications mandate scans and develops new measures against cyber fraud. However, as the Internet is more popular in all corners of the country, fraudsters are always on the hunt for new tricks and vulnerable zones. By the same formula, UCC has learnt of these new tricks that have replaced the old ones we all know about given the mobile money tax momentum bridging new heights.

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