How to get your 2021 Voting location and Information online

The Uganda Electoral Commission recently opened up a round of Voting register checks and proofreading of Voter information in several regions across the country

While a majority embraced the exercise, a section of voters couldn’t make it to their polling stations. This means the only path to double-check your presence on the Voting register is through the free to use Voter ID portal

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Amazingly, all the commission requires to provide you with your Voting information and location is a National ID Number or Voter ID to display your Information. Nonetheless here is how you can access the portal and get your full voter information

uganda voter information
A Sample View of the EC Voters ID & Information

Knowing your Voter ID and Voting Location

  • Visit the Electoral Commission Voter portal
  • Enter Your National ID Number or Voter Number
  • Done: Your Voting Information will be displayed

In case of a lost National ID or can’t recall your NIN

  • Dial *216#
  • Select Option 3
  • Enter Surname, Last Name and Date of Birth(When prompted)
  • Done: Your NIN will be displayed

For a Lost ID: Read here

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