How to Access and Use the Hidden PS5 Web Browser

PS5 Web Browser is a hidden application that has not been enabled by default for users, but can be used to browse the Web just like it was built to. Much as the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 generation consoles had the Web browser right on the XMB screen, the PS5 Web Browser on the other hand is not activated on the main applications list.

Well, the good news is that you can bypass this restriction and use the PS5 Web Browser through In-Game links and Social network redirects from platforms like Twitter that allow you to access direct web links. By Default, the online user manual is an ideal location to access the hidden Ps5 Web browser, but that’s not all.

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The Sony Playstation Network (PSN) allows you to link your social profiles and Twitter is one of the main services you can link in order to have your friends follow you on the bluebird platforms. So, if you’re planning to access the Web browser on your PS5, the current shortcut you can take is linking other services with your account, and here is how.

Opening the PS5 Web Browser

  • From your Main PS5 Applications Dashboard, Locate and Enter settings (Press X)
  • OR, simply long press the PS button on your Dual Sense controller to access the quick menu and locate Settings
  • Under Settings, Go to Users and accounts
  • Then click Link with Other Services
  • Under the list of servciues to link, Choose Twitter to be automaticaly redirected to a Login page
  • Now Login with your Twitter Account username and Password
  • Once Logged in, search for Websites and Links you wish to access on Twitter E.g: A Web article shared on Twitter
  • Once you Open a Link, you will autmaticallly be redirected to the PS5 Web Browser from where you can browse more on the Internet
  • DONE: Enjoy Browsing the Internet on your Ps5 Console

As a point to note, the current PS5 firmware does not come with the Ps5 Web browser as a default application you can use. By this, you can’t enter custom URL links or potentially search content by simply clicking the browser as it is on the Ps4 and Ps3 consoles.

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But since the PS5 is a fresh-on-the-scene console, we expect Web Browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox o be works in progress similar to movie streaming Apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime among other Apps that braced the Playstation store. For now, Link Twitter with your account and access direct links from the platform or locate the Link in your Feed to use the hidden PS5 Web browser with ease.

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