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Here is a list of MTN Uganda Data Bundles you can load in 2021

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MTN Data Bundles sell like hot cake in Uganda, this is due to the fact that MTN rocks as the biggest mobile network operator with a bullish lead against Airtel in 2nd place. By coverage, the Yello telco’s coverage stretches from towns to remote areas of the country with stronger signals in most areas than other network operators in the same regions.

Every year, the telco is fond of refreshing its data bundle offers, and by noting the current offers, you are guaranteed of a headstart to getting the best of every shilling you spend on data in Uganda. Whether you choose to recharge through MTN Mobile Money or prefer preloaded airtime, the telco will accept your available balance in exchange for a data bundle.

Common MTN Uganda data bundles are offered in daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly timeframes depending on your internet usage behavior and requirements. To level the competition landscape, the telco also has a mid-week offer dubbed MTN Gaga Wednesday that you can always load using the MY MTN App, and on the other hand, a bulk data overnight Gaga deal where you can buy 5GB for as low as UGX 4,000 and 2GB at UGX 2,000 from midnight–10am.

mtn uganda data bundles when promoted
MTN also periodically offers incredible discounts and bonuses of loaded data to all subscribers

Additionally, the telco introduced no-expiry data bundles under its MTN Freedom theme, and these don’t expire on usage, but instead, stay active until you hit the 100% usage cap. Nonetheless, with daily, weekly, and monthly offers, here is a list of MTN Uganda data bundles you need to note.

Daily MTN Uganda Data Bundles

Data BundlePrice (UGX)
1GB 5,000

Weekly MTN Uganda Data Bundles

Data BundlePrice (UGX)

Monthly MTN data bundles

Data BundlePrice (UGX)

3-Month (Quarterly) MTN Uganda Data Bundles

Data BundlePrice (UGX)

Other MTN Data Bundle Offers

Data BundlePrice (UGX)
60MB Tooti500
1GB Work From Home2,000
5GB Gaga Time (Midnight –10am)4,000
2GB Gaga Time (Midnight –10am)2,000
Freedom 1GB (No Expiry)5,000
Freedom 4GB (No Expiry)15,000
Freedom 7GB (No Expiry)25,000
Freedom 15GB (No Expiry)50,000
Freedom 40GB (No Expiry)100,000

All in all, MTN Uganda data bundles are affordable, but often change as internet prices continue to register new lows. More so, with the rise in home broadband internet providers and a new MTN Home Fiber network, we expect the telco to unveil more affordable data bundles to its subscribers as the demand continues to grow. For now, you can keep note of the available MTN data bundles you can load from anywhere in Uganda.

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  1. Akampwera Ronald says

    What is the USSD CODE FOR DABOLO,

    1. Staff Editor says

      Dabolo is a periodic promotion and its double data is applied automatically on Daily bundles when its available. But if you’re planning to get more data, try Gaga Time, they offer you 5GB at 4,000/= every night, read more here: https://techpointmag.com/activate-mtn-gaga-time-bundle/

  2. Kagaba Muhumuza says

    Much as we appreciate the offers..comparatively MTN Offers are always outmatched by airtel..It is for this reason that I rarely use MTN data.

  3. Mark says

    can these bundles that dont expire be shared between two users

    1. Staff Editor says

      No, you can’t share a bundle.