MTN Gaga Vs Airtel Freaky Friday: The best Offer you should buy

    MTN Gaga Wednesday cruised into the data offers path as an initial offering to appreciate Yello subscribers and spoil them with more data for less, as time went by, Africell joined the league making it inevitable for Airtel to make an attempt only to shape its own as Freaky Friday.

    Once Airtel Freaky Friday shipped in as a great offer for red camp subscribers, Africell still followed the Friday path granting its subscribers don’t be cheated flavors twice a week.

    It’s due to this competition craze that MTN resurrected Gaga Wednesday which had initially met its expiry timestamp, Interestingly, the offer bounced back as a 3-day offer expiring on Sartudays at 6am.

    With the return of MTN’s Gaga offer, It meant all 3 top telcos in Uganda have midweek bulk data offer valid for 3-days. But between Freaky Friday, Gaga Wednesday, which is the best offer you should choose? We find out

    How MTN Gaga and Airtel Freaky Friday are bundled

    Airtel Freaky Friday offers both a data and voice package on subscription unlike MTN Gaga which is a full data offer with no additional voice bundle attached to it

    However, the major similarity between the two offers is their expiry timeframe capped at 3-days. MTN Gaga is valid from Wednesday to Sartuday while Airtel Freaky Friday crosses from Friday to Sunday Midnight.

    This means, both offers allow you to surf the Internet for 3 straight days from the time of purchase. However, for MTN Gaga, the offer expires at 6am on Sartuday meaning you get 3days and 1/4 to use the loaded data. Below is a summary of how the two telcos bundle their offers and validity period

    OfferPackageValidity Period
    MTN GagaData Only3 + 1/4 days
    Airtel Freaky FridayVoice + Data24hours or 3-days
    What the MTN Gaga and Freaky Friday Offers are made of ,Plus their validity periods

    How to load

    For MTN Gaga Wednesday, you can only purchase the offer though the MTN MOMO App (MY MTN), while for Airtel Freaky Friday, all you have to do is dial *149*10#

    To load MTN Gaga: Download the My MTN App to pay Via Mobile Money

    To load Airtel Freaky Friday: Dial *149*10#

    The Best offer you should be using

    Cheap data is what everyone wants, right? Both telcos offer great packages, but they are never on a plain field. Amidst the fact that the offers change per week, they are never similar, but usually different by 1GB or 2GB.

    Well, we monitored the 2 offers for 3 Weeks and both telcos offered the best packages, though MTN’s Gaga Wednesday feel stands a level higher than Freaky Friday due to the fact that Airtel combines its data offer with a voice bundle to make up a week’s package.

    For the past 3 weeks that we’ve monitored the MTN Gaga offer which shines on Wednesday and Airtel’s Freaky Friday offer on Friday, both offers have rarely changed beyond 1Gb and here are the past 3 offers by both telcos:

    MTN Gaga and Freaky Friday offers and pricing

    1st Week2nd Week3rd Week
    MTN Gaga Wednesday5GB5GB5GB
    COSTUGX 6,000UGX 6,000UGX 6,000
    Airtel Freaky Friday3.5GB + 30 Minutes3.5GB + 30 Minutes5GB + 30Minutes
    COSTUGX 5,500UGX 5,500UGX 6,500
    The MTN Gaga and Freaky Friday Offers from February 21-March 6th 2020

    On a weekly timeframe, 5GB of data costs UGX 20,000 on MTN while 4GB of Airtel data costs 15,000/=, this means, both telcos charge the same amount for a 5GB data bundle valid for a week that is discounted to 6,000/= by MTN as its average offer

    Since Airtel offers a data + Voice combo, it means, the average 3.5GB offer which is not available on a weekly scale but instead incremented by 500MB is discounted from 13,000/= to UGX 4,500 since 30 minutes of talk time cost 1,000/= as a Pakalast offering.

    With both offers weighed on a weekly scale, MTN Gaga is a much better offer with more data for less. Contrary to the Freaky Friday offer which combines both data and voice, MTN Gaga gives you more data, and the same validity period as Airtel’s Freaky Friday.

    WINNER: MTN Gaga Wednesday


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