MTN Kigale Fixed Line Unboxing, Freebies, and why it’s fit for Businesses

MTN Kigale Fixed Line is a business-centric phone that brings a feel of Landline phones in a Smartphones age. As codenamed by MTN Uganda, Kigale translates to close the deal, a business term for expedition in client leads and relations.

Well, we received a review unit of MTN’s Kigale Fixed Line phone, and its performance is fully business-driven by First Impression. As a starter’s token, the Phone comes with 6months of free local calls to any number.

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Dubbed the Kigale Starter Pack, a boxed fixed-line phone comes detached from its accessories and ships with a free business 039 series number. And just like Smartphones unboxing tales, the fixed-line has a set of factory accessories which include:

  • 039 series MTN Number (Compatible with a free 0800)
  • A Base Fixed Line Phone
  • Phone Holder
  • Base to holder Transmission cable (RJ11)
  • Battery
  • USB Cable
  • USB Charging Brick
  • User Manuals
MTN Fixed Line Phone
The MTN Kigale Fixed Line Phone Straight out of the Box

Freebies tagged to the MTN Fixed Line Phone

After Purchase, the MTN Kigale Fixed Line comes with 6 months of free calls at an attractive price tag of UGX 138,000. Every Month, the Fixed Line number is loaded with 100 MTN-MTN and 20 Local(to other networks) minutes for a period of 6months.

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Likely, the Phone comes with a free 039 series number that can be used to redeem calls offer. If desired, the SIMcard can also support toll-free calls with a custom 0800 series number, this allows customers to call the number without suffering a charge.

However, to get a free 0800 series number, visiting the MTN service headquarters at Nyonyi Gardens Kololo checks-in as a basic requirement.

A Good Fit for Business Owners

What every business/entrepreneur strives for, is to reach customers at all times without delays affiliated to dropped calls. More so, in hard times like the current COVID19 Pandemic, reaching customers while they keep home requires a dedicated Phone to keep them engaged at all times.

So, with the ability to set a toll free 0800 series function for the Fixed Line SIMcard, it’s an advantage for customers to contact a business at all times without worrying about carrier charges.

Likely, with 6 months of free calls, it’s easier for a business to keep its communication lines open, and continue achieving its set goals even under a Lockdown environment.

More so, it is hard for Smartphones to keep up with Business calls, but easier for a Fixed Line (Landline) themed phone to maintain a horizontal trend.

Price and Where to Buy the MTN Kigaale Fixed Line

Being a Telecom centric Phone, MTN’s Kigale Fixed Line phone can be purchased from its services centers, if not online on Jumia which holds an MTN Store. At UGX 138,000, the Phone is an ideal cheap solution for Businesses.

Fixed Line dedicated Call Bundles (6Months):

MTN-MTN MinutesMTN-Other NetworksPrice (UGX)
MTN Fixed Line 6months Bundle

With the first 6 months of free talk time redeemable via the telco’s *160*8# shortcode. The fixed-line has Voice Bundles tailored for it, and these follow the 6month path with a one-time payment. So, you subscribe for a semi-annual plan and receive voice minutes once a new month shines, contrary to the base MTN Voice Bundles.

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