How to run 2 WhatsApp accounts on your Android Smartphone

Let’s brace WhatsApp for its roundup spikes as the most used smartphone app of all time. Without trashing the fact that Yahoo messenger, Skype, Viber, and the likes also had a favorable impact on the internet. WhatsApp could be a service that is here to stay, unlike the industry legendary services.

Owning a single WhatsApp number has become a burden against reliability and efficiency teasing inner nerves of owning more than one on a single device without looking through the list of affordable smartphones below $100. So, in case you’ve always wanted to have dual WhatsApp accounts on your phone, then here is how you can do that.

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Enable 3 or more WhatsApp accounts on your smartphone

Facebook has a Lite version of its app, the same way Instagram does and Twitter in the same corner. However, we’re not sure why Facebook has not thought about an official Lite version of WhatsApp yet though a Mod with the same name exists in the Internet archives.

Since WhatsApp Lite has not crossed the rumor mill by an inch, the only solutions to having dual apps exist in cloning your installed app or spicing your number with a business feel, if not getting more features like Maximum image quality by using a Mod like GbWhatsapp.

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Try WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp business functions in the same squeeze as it sounds, this app is designed for businesses or Entrepreneurs seeking to keep in touch with their customers online. As a fact, this version has a verification tool that verifies the business type the same way Twitter does. But its another alternative you can install without tampering with your current WhatsApp settings and use a different phone number on the app.

Install a WhatsApp Mod

WhatsApp Mods are modifications of the actual IM app, as the name sounds these are modifications by developers to make WhatsApp much more interesting depending on what the users prefer. This is because WhatsApp is an open source application and can be modified by anyone to suit their desires with the most popular Mod ranking as GBWhatsApp.

Some of the best Mods you can install with no limitations of how many you can use include GBWhatsapp, TM WhatsApp (Developed in Uganda), Neon WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, NS WhatsApp among others. Nonetheless, here a short list of secure WhatsApp mods you can trust.

  • WhatsApp B58
  • JoeWhatsApp
  • Royal WhatsApp Transparent
  • KWhatsApp
  • NOWhatsApp
  • GBWhatsApp Transparent Prime
  • NE WhatsApp Pink Edition
  • FMWhatsApp
  • WhatsApp Lite
  • GBWhatsApp+
  • YoWhatsApp
  • TMWhatsApp
  • GBWhatsApp

However, the same way TM WhatsApp is developed by a Ugandan developer (Titus Mukisa), it’s by the same fashion that many more mods exist out there though you should be extra careful when choosing the best to use. Additionally, all versions have no limitations on installation alongside your original WhatsApp version but simply work as an increment to the lot.

Install a cloning App on your phone

Parallel Space is one of the most known applications that popped up as the best dual WhatsApp trick for Android Users. Since then, many developers have dived into the cloning space to a point that you can clone applications on an Apple iPhone as well.

As much as some of these cloning apps ship with annoying ads to your phone screen, they are the best alternatives to choose if you trust your smartphone’s dedicated RAM since all they do is make a copy of the original WhatsApp on your phone without installing a fresh copy.

Just like that, you could own over 5 WhatsApp accounts on a single phone without worrying about any crashes. So, as long as you have no pending issues with the communications commission, then you can use different WhatsApp numbers on a single phone without swapping your sim cards.

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