Uber takes on Safeboda and Taxify boda in a quest for Kenya’s best Boda hailing service

Uber has internationally become a household name in many countries with its ride hailing services topping the charts everywhere. In EastAfrica, you can’t fail to mention Uber if you wish to travel by a modern taxi hailing service. However, the story is not the same in the Boda hailing sector which is so far dominated by Safeboda that recently crossed over to Nairobi. It’s by this quest that Uber now takes on Taxify boda and Safeboda in competing for the top boda hailing spot

As a matter of fact, Uganda and Kenya are so far the leading African nations with boda hailing solutions populated in major cities. Additionally, Uber boda is the newest member to rant Nairobi after a silent launch a few months back and now has rolled out 24/7 support for all Kenya passengers and drivers

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With head to head competition provoking price reductions and discounts on all services, Uber boda seems to have bent the knee to Taxify and Safeboda with favorable trip fares into the growing boda boda industry. As per the competition stunt that recently saw Busy boda launch in the same square, here are the Uber boda rates in Nairobi

FareCost (Kshs)
Price per KM14
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Safeboda Vs Uberboda Vs Taxify boda Vs Busy Boda in Kenya

The quest for the best boda hailing service in East Africa is a debate that has got no champion beyond the very first provider, but has serious contenders competing against each other for the same target audience. With Nairobi streets having Uber, Taxify, Safeboda and Busy boda offering the same services. Choosing the best provider means testing each of the services and rounding off to which ride hailing service will dominate the region.



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