Big 5: Huawei re-imagines Hongmeng, Airtel chops its calling rates as Kwese Play gets off the grid

The technology and innovation space has always glittered with spikes of progress in all annual Quarters and Q2 of 2019 has already shipped big tech events as compared to the same time frame last year.

With the Africa BlockChain conference kicking off yet another blockchain dominance year and telecom companies cracking down to new offers in Uganda, here is a shot of the bog 5 stories you might have missed in the 1st week of July.

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Huawei reimagines Hongmeng a Notch higher

The USA Trump administration earlier this year decided to blacklist Huawei from the 1st class country with clear sanction to all its relations to local tech companies. later last month, President Donald Trump inked a move to re-initiate the Chinese company back to USA and recover all its broken ties with companies like Google.

Well, Huawei inked a very smart reveal after its Android blacklist by Google from supporting all its future devices and this was its custom designed operating system Hongmeng.

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At the current timeframe, HongMeng has re-imagined its position a notch higher by opening its App ecosystem to developers with rumors that the system is going to be faster than Mac Os and Android as the company founder commented on plans to ditch Android off future releases due to the US sanctions.

Airtel slashes its calling rates for other networks

The Uganda communications commission (UCC) earlier this month announced a slash in cross-network rates for all local telcos with an effective date of 1st July 2019. In a flip of days, Airtel Uganda has tuned out to brace the new rates with a slash of its off-net tariff prices to 3/= per second and 180/= per minute.

Econet plans on shutting down Kwese Play due to Administration

Econet__A Pan African solution company housing the Kwese brand name has been put under temporary administration. As a result of the new Administration policies, Kwese Play is apparently shutting down just like its parent company.

However, given the fact that Kwese play has a vast line of supportive brands like Kwese iFlix and Kwese Free sports___one of the free to air channels in Uganda. Room for survival in the media space lies in the resurrection of its parent company EcoNet and a redefinition of its packages across the continent.

2019 Africa block chain conference ends in high gear

The Africa block chain conference is an annual Technology digest that covers the evolution and trend of block chain adoption in Africa. Last year’s conference was held at the Kampala Serena Hotel which is the same venue that was shared for this year’s version that took place between 4tth-5th July with emulative displays at the 2day shakedown.

Among the exclusive highlights from the Africa Block chain conference included a package of funding to progressive blockchain-powered solutions like the Jaguza livestock app that bagged $2000, Pesabase with $3000 also rounded up the pitch competition with $5000 during the conference.

Interestingly, Sophia_a humanoid robot delivered her speech to the conference audience via teleconferencing from her citizenship country in Saudi Arabia teaming up the BlockChain conference a step higher than expected. The Sierra Leone president Julius Maasa Bio presided as the Chief Guest as HE president was represented by the Prime Minister Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda.

MTN introduces 100% bonus on Voice call packages

After the dawn of Gaga Wednesday bundles that had a hefty pack of data offers in a mid-week sleaze, MTN promised better offers to replace the My MTN App limited offer. In less than 1 quarter, the company has already revolutionalised its Momo Nyabo rewarding campaign, brought to life a new data offer and now a 100% bonus on Monthly Voice call packages.

The new voice calls bonus works on both Weekly and monthly tier packages where a subscriber gets over 2000 minutes for the price of 1000minutes on the Yello network. Much more like a repetition, more packages could soon dive in given the fact that the company still has more urge to prove its top slot position.

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