Game Of Thrones Season 8 official trailer and what you need to know

Game of Thrones season 8 is the rightful successor to the amazingly unleashed Season 7 that featured alot of surprises and Queen Daenerys Targaryen's true power showcased. Back to Kings landing, we all know Cersei didn't believe the existence of White walkers who made their way successfully to the north after destroying the wall.

What you need to know before you watch Avengers Infinity war

Avengers infinity war is here and everyone is ready for whats coming. But then, Do you really know whats coming. Many watched Thor Ragnarok and got plenty of teasers checking in to this amazing Infinity war. Without changing any limits as to the plan, Watch all you need to know in the video above.

The Arrow season 6 finale is a real game changer asserts producer

Season 6 of the arrow is one of those well crafted seasons with more than 2 super villains lined up to threaten Star city. Well, Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim has teased the season finale as a game changer with a more effective approach applied by Oliver Queen who by the way is planning to go solo with no backup.

Team Arrow splits up, What next for Oliver queen as his identity as the green arrow has been revealed

Sad or Bad news for Star city Mayor Oliver Queen. With Team arrow spliting up once again and suspended SCPD officials exceeding their potential by revealing Oliver's Identity. The mayor is headed for a tough time and to our prediction this might be the last season of Arrow while analyzing the current situations.

Barry Allen imprisoned at Iron Heights Prison, Will Central city be safe without The flash

Barry Allen whose hidden identity is The Flash as usual is having a terrible time. Just like fans say, The flash has met super villains in all seasons but Devoe seems to be one hell of a super Villain. While mistreating Barry mentally together with Team flash. In addition to rescuing Barry from the speed force through his Samurai created villains, What does Devoe have in plan?

The flash returns with season 4,here is what to expect

The popular cw series dubbed The flash return in action on Tuesday October 10th after a long while since may when the series ended with...

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