Here are the current Africell Money Rates, Payment charges (June 2021)

All Africell money transaction rates on and off the network

Africell Money is a proactive mobile money service that has grown popular for its low charges in Fintech zones. In fact, Africell Money rates are the most customer-focused charges available for Africell customers if compared to MTN Momo and Airtel Money in the same caliber.

Among the top Africell Money features, the ability to send and receive money is a top function with an added scribe of sending money to non-registered customers. Once sent, the receiving customer suffers no charges and tax on withdrawing.

Instead, the sending customer (registered) gets to clear withdraw charges when sending to a non-registered Africell customer. However, when sending to other networks (MTN, Airtel, UTL), charges are valid, and instant transfer is enabled as a default.

On top of sending and receiving, customers are also able to make Payments inclusive of Utility payments (DSTV, NSWC), PayTV, Taxes, then Goods and Services completing the Africell Money lineup.

How to use Africell Money

Unlike other Mobile money services that can be accessed using a single shortcode *185# or *165# for MTN, Airtel, and UTL customers. Africell Money can only be accessed using the telco’s *144# shortcode to access the main service menu.

So, to get started with sending and receiving money, you should dial *144# for the root menu which costs of sending, payments, my account among other options to get started.

Current Africell Money Rates

Africell Money Sending Rates

Transaction TiersAfricell & OthersNon-Registered Customers
500 – 2,500250880
2,501 – 5,000500N/A
5,001 – 15,0001,000N/A
15,001 – 30,0001,0001,900
30,001 – 45,0001,0002,800
45,001 – 60,0001,000N/A
60,001 – 125,0001,6004,200
125,001 – 250,0001,6007,700
250,001 – 500,0001,60011,000
500,001 – 1,000,0002,00021,000
1,000,001 ––2,000,0002,00038,000
Africell Money Sending Charges

Africell Money Withdraw Rates

Transaction TiersAfricell AgentsNon-Registered Customers
500 – 2,500250FREE
2,501 – 5,000300FREE
5,001 – 15,000800FREE
15,001 – 30,000820FREE
30,001 – 45,0001,100FREE
45,001 – 60,0001,100N/A
60,001 – 125,0001,300FREE
125,001 – 250,0002,560FREE
250,001 – 500,0004,360FREE
500,001 – 1,000,0008,500FREE
1,000,001 ––2,000,00015,440FREE
Africell Money Withdraw Charges

Africell Money Payment Charges

Transaction TiersUtility PaymentsGoods & Services
500 – 2,500150110
2,501 – 5,000300150
5,001 – 15,000700300
15,001 – 30,0001,200450
30,001 – 45,0001,500500
45,001 – 60,0001,800500
60,001 – 125,0003,000600
125,001 – 250,0003,500900
250,001 – 500,0004,0001,250
500,001 – 1,000,0007,0002,500
1,000,001 –– 2,000,00012,0003,500
Africell Money Payment Charges

How about Mobile Money Tax?

Mobile Money tax of 0.5% of the total amount is applied on all withdraws as payable tax to URA. In case you wonder how much tax is charged on your cash withdraws, then, here is how it’s calculated.

  • Received Amount: 50,000/=
  • To Withdraw: Africell Money charges UGX 1,100 + 0.5% tax
  • 0.5% of UGX 50,000 = UGX 250
  • Total Withdraw Charges: Africell Money Charge UGX 1,100 + UGX 250 = 1,350/=
  • So, your total withdraw Charge becomes UGX 1,350 to get UGX 50,000.

By Standard, the tax was first mounted as 1%, but with 0.5% now applicable on withdraws alone, the tax is affordable and in most cases, you may not realise the increase in charges.

Henceforth, with a low withdraw tax of 0.5%, you can choose to swiftly transfer money using Africell Money and face lower charges compared to other providers.

Nonetheless, Africell Money doesn’t have a wide chain of agents countrywide, but by the ecosystem standard, the telco is aiming at spreading its presence from not just towns, but also to remote rural areas.

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