How to Buy LycaMobile Internet Data bundles in Uganda

Lyca Mobile Uganda is a fresh mobile telecommunications provider on the block giving the trio of MTN, Airtel, and Africell a run in data prices. With attractive Internet bundles ruling the telco’s offers lane, buying data bundles becomes a factor to master for juicing up your Internet connection.

Similar to buying LycaMobile Airtime and OTT tax using Mobile Money, purchasing data follows the same path with only a few tweaks in the listing style.

First, and absolutely the best flavor, you can buy Lyca Mobile airtime using your SIMCard by dialing the telco’s root *100# shortcode to select Internet bundles. Then, choose a preferred data bundle and pay using airtime.

Secondly, Mobile Money and digital payment solutions like Payway Wallet also dash-in as perfect alternatives to swiftly process your data top-ups. By advantage, both methods work perfectly well with instant recharge.

How to Buy LycaMobile Data and OTT tax using Mobile Money

How to buy Lyca Mobile airtime and data
The *252# Cross Network Root Menu
  • Dial *252#
  • Select Airtime and Bundles (option 6)
  • Then Choose, Internet Bundles (option 2)
  • Select Lyca Mobile (option 3)
  • Enter your Lyca Mobile Number
  • Then, Choose between Daily, Weekly and Monthly Data Bundles (Options 1-3)
  • Select your Preferred Data Bundle
  • Then, Proceed, and authorize Payment with your Mobile Money PIN
  • Done: Your LycaMobile Data will be loaded to your account
  • NB: You can either use MTN Momo or Airtel Money

To Buy LycaMobile Uganda OTT tax

  • Dial *252#
  • Select Airtime and Bundles (option 6)
  • Then, Internet Bundles (option 2)
  • Choose Lyca Mobile (option 3)
  • Enter your Lyca Mobile Number
  • Then, Choose between Weekly and Monthly OTT (option 4 & 5)
  • Proceed and authorize Payment with your Mobile Money PIN
  • Done: Your Lyca OTT will be topped up.

How to Buy LycaMobile Data using Airtime

  • Dial *100# using your Lyca Mobile SIM
  • From the list, Select Internet Bundles
  • Then, choose between Daily, Voice and Monthly Bundles
  • Select your preferred package
  • Then, approve purchase using your Airtime Balance
  • Done: Your Lyca Mobile Data will be loaded
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Ronald Mugulusi
Ronald Mugulusi
June 18, 2021 12:48

How is the Lycamobile coverage around Kira, mulawa and bulindo areas??

Staff Editor
Reply to  Ronald Mugulusi
June 18, 2021 14:20

Coverage in those areas is good, We shall publish a list of the telco’s coverage areas soon. Otherwise, Lyca Mobile has really improved their Internet service these days, you should give it a try.

Staff Editor
Reply to  Staff Editor
June 21, 2021 13:52

Kindly View the list of Lyca Mobile Uganda Coverage Areas here:

July 6, 2021 07:24

I don’t know why but for some reason, one must have airtime on a line so as to access the *252# Menu to buy lyca mobile data and it’s not mentioned. And part of the airtime is chopped for accessing the menu. And I’ve tried to access the bundles today and they aren’t even getting on. Even the bundle that was at 10000 is now at 15000.i don’t know what kind of plots lyca is up to but it seems you are just like your predecessors

Staff Editor
Reply to  Isaac
July 6, 2021 13:06

Apparently, it’s only Airtel that requires airtime to use *252#. We’ve tried the same on MTN and it never requires Airtime. For the increase in Data bundles, we all expected Lyca to do this since they’ve grown a huge customer base, so we can expect even slightly hire prices in the next years.

December 23, 2021 19:02

The code *100# you told us to use to buy data.The step you told us to follow invalid

Staff Editor
Reply to  Emmanuel
January 16, 2022 14:10

The code works strictly on your Lyca Mobile Line. Not any other network.

Joseph businge
Joseph businge
March 30, 2022 12:31

i followed ur propts to load mobile data from my mtn mobile money…but got different names as account number names.

secondly howdo i get to your customer care in case i want to de register one of my lyca numbers

November 30, 2022 15:19

Why doesnt lyca have an option of buying lyca data using lyca to lyca