Full list of Lyca Mobile Shortcodes you need to know

Lyca Mobile is a disruptive mobile service provider that promises the best in data and voice in all countries it exists. In Uganda, Lyca Mobile launched in January and promised the best data bundles on the market before fully going live recently.

To use a newly purchased Lyca Mobile SIMcard, you may need to know some shortcodes you can rely on to complete specific tasks and functions the same way you can on Africell, MTN, or Airtel.

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At the moment, Lyca Mobile only has a handful of shortcodes with major ones expected to be rolled out as the telco continues to exist in Uganda’s service provider ecosystem.

For now, here is the full list of Lyca Mobile Uganda codes you need to master in order to buy Internet bundles, buy OTT, check your Mobile number, among other functions.

Lyca Mobile Shortcodes

*100#Main Menu for Lyca services & Bundles
*192#Check your Own number
*131#Check your Airtime and Data Balance
*100*1#Buy Data and Voice Bundles
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