How to load Airtel Chillax Bundles that don’t expire

Internet bundles that never expire are the new thing in Uganda, Airtel Chillax Bundles represent the latest advancement of internet data that never expires before you actually use it up (hit the 100% usage meter). First, MTN Uganda ignited the trend in December 2019 but customers never welcomed its Freedom bundles with Open arms since they appeared to be a cheat, early this year, the telco revamped these with more data volume and lower prices.

Now, Airtel Chillax Bundles are here as the new form of internet data packages that never expire until a customer hits the 100% usage mark. Much as Airtel’s new bundles seem like a copy of MTN’s Freedom bundles, the red telco offers a better package to customers by having unthrottled traffic on all daily, weekly and monthly tiers.

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In fact, the telco’s chief commercial officer Amit Kapur notes that Airtel Chillax bundles are a result of the COVID19 pandemic that has forced customers to spend more time on the internet than ever before. Common user behaviour on the internet also shifted from leisure to work with virtual workplace tools becoming more popular than social media platforms.

In the last one year or so, the world has changed as data has become one of the most sought after items. Students are now using the internet to do distance learning, health and entertainment industry uses the internet to extend services to people. We, therefore, decided to introduce data bundles that don’t expire,”

Said Kapur – The Airtel Uganda Chief Commercial Officer

Available Airtel Chillax Bundles

Data bundlePrice (UGX)
Airtel Chillax Bundles

How you buy and load Airtel Chillax Bundles

Unlike MTN’s Freedom bundles, Airtel Chillax bundles have no limitation on how a customer can buy and load the data bundles. Bundles can be loaded through the Airtel Uganda *175# data bundles shortcode or using the myAirtel App where a customer can choose to pay with airtime or airtel money. However, the easier way to load the new data bundles is through shortcodes and here is how you can buy an airtel chillax data bundle that never expires.

  • Dial *175#
  • Then select option 7 (Airtel Chillax Bundles)
  • On the list of bundles, choose your preferred package
  • Once selected, choose airtime or airtel money as your payment method
  • If airtime, your balance will be deducted, and if airtel money, you will be prompted to enter your PIN
  • DONE: Your Airtel Chillax Bundle will be instantly loaded and only expires when you hit the 100% usage cap
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