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Here is a full list of Airtel Uganda Data Bundles you can buy in 2021

Airtel Uganda data bundles are popular for their reliability and speed bundled with countrywide network coverage. Similar to MTN Uganda which leaps as the biggest mobile operator in the country, Airtel data bundles quench in the same price lane as the Yello telco with only the naming scheme changing between the two providers.

Given the fast smartphone adoption rate in Uganda, you may want to buy Airtel monthly data bundles or weekly data bundles in order to stay connected to the internet with OTT tax as a gateway to social media websites in case you wish to socialize on the worldwide collection of networks.

Popularly, Airtel Uganda data bundles range from as low as UGX 250 for daily to UGX 300,000 for monthly and quarterly bundles. More so, every Friday is marked special for red telco customers who can buy big data offers often packaged with free voice minutes valid for 3days. The telco adopted this from MTN’s mid-week Gaga Wednesday offer, and Africell’s don’t be cheated Wednesday that set a precedent, and now, Airtel customers benefit from big data offers every week.

Well, based on your usage and smartphone model, you may want to buy daily, weekly, or monthly Airtel Uganda data bundles that suit your browsing experience. Bundle prices don’t often change, and you can choose to pay with airtime or your Airtel money account. Nonetheless, here is a collection of Airtel data bundles offered in daily, weekly and monthly tiers.

Daily Airtel Uganda Data bundles

Data BundlePrice (UGX)
500MB (Valid for 3days)3,000
1GB (Valid for 3days)5,000

Airtel Weekly data bundles

Data BundlePrice (UGX)

Monthly Airtel Data Bundles

Data BundlePrice (UGX)

Quarterly Data Bundles

Data BundlePrice (UGX)

All in All, Airtel is one of the best mobile network operators you can choose to use in Uganda. Commonly, subscribers have an MTN SIMcard in slot 1 of their phones and Airtel in slot 2 to switch between offers availed by the two telcos. However, data bundle prices and volume don’t change with a bigger margin between all telcos in Uganda with majority of them having the same pricing and volume structure.

Henceforth, the next time you wish to buy any of the Airtel Uganda data bundles, you have a wide resource to choose from based on your budget and data requirements. But if you have an Airtel Broadband service installed at your home, you will get special data bundles different from the mobile bundles listed above.

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