MTN Uganda Unlimited Internet Prices, and how to get a WakaNet PRO connection to your home

MTN Uganda Unlimited Internet prices are now reduced to an average most customers can afford. This not only makes the service a preferred solution by most users, but also increases its popularity since most competing services are not price-friendly, and don’t market their offers as like MTN does.

MTN Uganda Unlimited Internet delivered via Fiber is known as WakaNet PRO borrowing a product name from the regular MTN WakaNet that uses normal MTN data bundles to serve the customer a connection using an indoor router.

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If you are wondering how to get a WakaNet PRO connection to your home without any 3rd party agents involved, well, below is how you can signup, get connected, and use MTN Uganda’s unlimited Internet offers with no caps to usage.

  1. Download and install the MYMTN App if it’s not available on your phone.
  2. Go to Buy.
  3. From the tabbed list of options, select WakaNet PRO.
  4. Tap Proceed.
  5. Allow MyMTN to access your device’s location.
  6. If the service is available in your area, click Continue, or manually select your location on the Check Wakanet availability map.
  7. Tap Confirm.
  8. Tap Request Service.
  9. Enter your Email Address, tap Select a sales agent, then select Self-Service, and tap Proceed.
  10. Select your desired MTN Unlimited Internet package, and confirm by tapping Continue.
  11. When you receive the Success prompt, tap Continue.
  12. Tap Continue to pay for your package via MTN Mobile Money.
  13. Confirm your transaction summary, then tap Proceed, and enter your mobile money PIN to pay.
  14. DONE: You will receive a confirmation message and MTN WakaNet Pro installers will contact you to install the service.

MTN Uganda Unlimited Internet Prices

Once you get an MTN WakaNet PRO connection to your home, you can route through the MTN Unlimited Internet prices that are capped by speed, and not data bundles. Majorly, MTN Uganda has LITE, Standard, and Premium unlimited Internet packages you can choose from as below.

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LITE 10Mbps130,000/=
Standard 20Mbps195,000/=
Premium 40Mbps295,000/=
MTN Unlimited Internet Prices

In summary, there are many unlimited Internet providers in Uganda offering different packages and prices for a connection. However, MTN Uganda Unlimited Internet has stood out as one of the best choices in recent months due to a fast-roll-out calendar through which the telco is making the service available in most areas around Kampala.

We have not used the service before, but have tried Simba Fiber, Liquid Telecom, and Airtel which have reviews on our site. If you have used MTN Unlimited Internet, you can leave a comment of your experience and reaction to the overall prices of packages.

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