Unlimited Internet in Uganda, here is what MTN, Airtel, Liquid Telecom, Roke, Sprint UG Offer

Unlimited Internet in Uganda is a popular mobile usage term that most users opt to consider as a rescue plan away from regular mobile data bundles fixed in daily, weekly and monthly tiers. Unlike regular data bundles, with Unlimited in Uganda, you get a taste of non-bundled usage without visible limits on what you can download or stream on the Internet.

However, Unlimited Internet in Uganda has always been limited with daily and monthly caps in the past, but this has come to change with the emergence of fresh mobile network operators like Lyca mobile that jetted-in with soothing data bundles to its offers catalog.

More so, with the growing internet service provider market which will very soon have satellite providers like Starlink offering broadband services in Uganda, leading operators like MTN, Airtel, Smile, Africell, have now considered a norm of having unlimited Internet capped by speed, and price determined by the maximum Mbps.

By this, when you buy you buy a starter unlimited bundle, your internet connection slows down when you hit the set cap which could be 50GB, 100GB, or 200GB depending on the provider. On the other hand, when you buy speed-based true unlimited pack, your internet connection is only throttled by the traffic you access in Mbps, and so, the higher your preferred speeds, the higher the cost of your unlimited internet bundles.

Occasionally, most true unlimited Internet bundles in Uganda start from 1Mbps or 2Mbps for starters, and progress to as high as 10Mbps or 20Mbps depending on the operator’s terms of usage. By the same path, broadband internet providers also trail in the same mode with prices based on the dedicated connection speeds. Nonetheless, here is what mobile network operators (MNOs) offer in Uganda.

Monthly Unlimited Internet in Uganda by provider

TelecomPackageMax SpeedsCost (UGX)
MTN UgandaUnlimited Basic20 Mbps179,000
Unlimited Premium40 Mbps330,000
Airtel UgandaUnlimited30250,000
Liquid TelecomUnlimited Silver20Mbps189,500
Unlimited Gold40Mbps301,500
Sprint UGUnlimited Ultra10Mbps165,000
Unlimited Supreme20Mbps220,000

The Best Unlimited Internet provider you should consider in Uganda

As per the monthly, weekly, and daily offers of all mobile operators in Uganda. Smile Communications rocks as the leading unlimited internet provider with multiple offers available to subscribers. For instance, with the telco’s daily unlimited internet package of UGX 15,000, you get speeds of up to 10Mbps capped at 4GB and free unlimited internet from midnight to 6 am.

Henceforth, with all mobile operators limiting their unlimited internet bundles by data volume, you can rely on Liquid Telecom as a provider with multiple choices to choose from. Henceforth, the next time you feel like loading a mobile unlimited internet bundle in Uganda, you now know what internet service providers offer on a monthly, weekly, or daily timeframe.

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Mugeni M
September 18, 2021 03:02

Hi Techpoint Team,

Thank you for this great article! It has provided a lot of the insight I was looking for.

I am looking for a reliable ISP in Uganda, one that offers; high speeds, stable network and low latency as I make several VoiP plus video calls daily and great customer service. Could you please make some recommendations? Ideally it would be an ‘unlimited’ package as I use 7-10 GB per day (210-300 GB pm).

Unfortunately, I don’t live in a high end area of Kampala with fiber optic access so options like Simba and Liquid won’t work for me (live in Mutungo Biina).

Africell just closed shop. Smile Uganda disappointed me a few years back when the internet would go off for weeks on end and customer service would go mute too. Have they improved now?

My budget is 300-400k pm BTW. Would really appreciate some pointers.

Many thanks,


Staff Editor
Reply to  Mugeni M
September 23, 2021 22:09

Hello Mugeni.

The Good news is that you’ll soon ditch Ugandan telcos, Space X will roll out Satellite Starlink Internet early 2022. But for now, we can recommend MTN Fiber since it’s the new Hot deal in town, With Mutungo as your area, MTN Fiber could be having coverage there. Also, Zuku Fiber which is also unlimited could be covering Luzira areas, so, check on them, these could be great options.

Reply to  Mugeni M
January 28, 2023 13:13

Definitely recommend MTN. Best in the business. Not a day has the network dropped