Playstation 5 Price revealed: How much it may cost in Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria

Playstation 5 has finally received a Price tag, the reveal comes after Xbox made its new dual pricing official. Much more like previous consoles such as the Playstation 4 and Playstation 3, we expect the PS5 consoles to be priced evenly in several African countries.

But first, the PlayStation 5 packs next generation gaming capabilities straight out the box. Notably, SSD performance, much faster GPU, 4K support, and a 3.5 GHz Processor headline the console’s specs sheet.

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Playstation 5 Quick Specs

Price Tag$499 w/ Disc, $299 Digital
CPUX86-64-AMD RYZEN 2 (upto 3.5GHz)
GPUAMD RADEON RDNA 2 Based Graphics w/ upto 2.23GHz (10.3 TFLOPS)
Memory (RAM)16GB DDR6
StyleRouter Shape
Internal Storage (SSD)825GB
PS5 Specs

How Much the Playstation 5 may cost in Uganda, Kenya, and Nigeria

Based on the African taxing structure, the Playstation 5 will cost more than $500 benchmarked as the official launch price tag. With the Disc version (with a CD Driver) raving at $499 and a Digital only version at $299, expect a different pricing structure in any of the Sub-Saharan Africa countries.

In Uganda, URA taxes imported Playstation consoles, and so is the situation in countries like Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, and Tanzania. However, taxes can’t go double the console price, meaning, a hike of at least $350-$400 should be expected.

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CountryEstimated PS5 Price
Uganda3,324,957 Ugshs
Kenya97,560 Kshs
Nigeria346,050 Naira
Estimated Playstation 5 price in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria

Based on the Business atmosphere and vast effects of the current COVID19 Pandemic, the estimated cost might change based on the country dynamics. But by the look of things, expect Pricing to bezel through our anticipated ranges.

Playstation 5 Availability in Uganda, Kenya, and Nigeria

Playstation 5. will start shipping on 12th November 2020 for the US, Japan, New Zealand, and South Korea. Then, on November 19th, the COnolse will ship to the rest of the world including Africa.

Hence, Ps5 consoles will be available in Uganda, Kenya, and Nigeria by late November 2020. This is a favorable timeframe for you to either trade-off your current PS4, or solicit enough money to taste Next Generation gaming.

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