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Binance Uganda now supports Lite Coin (LTC) on its platform

Binance Uganda now supports Lite Coin (LTC) trading to its platform and this is good news for the crypto nation. In Uganda, not many genuine providers exist in the region with only Binance turning out to be the best alternative to purchasing select crypto currencies using your MTN Mobile Money or Airtel Money account.

What to expect at this year’s Africa Blockchain Conference

The Africa Blockchain conference is an annual assembly that focuses on the ever-evolving Blockchain technology trends in Africa with its effects analyzed on a golden plake for the audience as usually braced by Africa's top officials.

The 2019 Fintech Festival is set to be hosted in Uganda

The Fintech industry in Africa has for the past few years been on a maximum 6-speed rise. As startups continue to brace this league for more innovative ideas, further development of Fintech systems on the continent will broaden delivery and use of financial services by all classes of people.

Here is why you should brace the Facebook version of Bitcoin

Facebook is creating its own version of Bitcoin to shake things up in the cryptocurrency league. The move comes at a time when the social media giant is still facing boiled up issues over the sale of user data. Facebook's crypto coin is reportedly going to be named Face coin according to the rumor circles.

Why Bitcoin and other CryptoCurrencies will replace Cash and banks in 2019

The fate of Crypto currencies was never known 10 years ago, but 10 years to the future the talk of Cash and banks will be a long gone story with the latter left to regulate fiat prices where relevant. In 2019, the horoscope sights bulls coming back into play after the terrible loss a few months back and so, this might be the end of cash in some countries around the world

Kenyan Cryptocurrency Aidos Kuneen (ADK) to list on Exchange market

Bitcoin and all Altcoins are currently facing the worst times on the market. As per now, 1 bitcoin buys at $3800 with a higher margin from Ethereum which trades between $130-$140. However, this can be registered on the worldwide policies by Governments and beliefs by everyone. Well, a Kenyan based crypto Aidos Kuneen is set to explode to greater heights after securing a slot on the exchange market

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