Tecno Boom X: The affordable Foldable Smartphone we could see in 2019

Imagine if you stepped-in to a smartphones store and came across an affordable foldable smartphone. Yes, Tecno mobile could be cooking an affordable version of the hiked price smartphones range in 2019. A Galaxy fold will cost $1980 when its available for order as Huawei’s Mate X is a $2600 priced flagship though Xiaomi’s $999 3-folds version is the cheapest so far.

So a foldable Tecno smartphone would become the first affordable device in this league as the story has been with the midrange competition. Even when April 1st is known to be a jokes drizzling day, the Tecno mobile tease off their Facebook page didn’t seem to be a fools’ day prank.

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After the Galaxy fold, Mate X and an upcoming yet to be named Xiaomi release, we all know Tecno mobile will be the manufacturer under pressure to fill the East African gap with a hefty pack of demand in Uganda. So, as much as the 1st April teaser was a fool’s day prank since the brand mentioned a 4 folds release, we believe a foldable Tecno smartphone is in the pipeline and our expectations are just in high gear for a 2019 date.

tecno foldable smartphone
The Tecno mobile announcement off their Facebook page! IT could be a prank but a foldable version is coming this year

Our Expectations Of The Tecno foldable smartphone

Forget the top notch, foldable smartphones are slowly taking over the iPhone X ignited revolution at a time when Apple is still fixing backstage designs. Though we have seen Samsung’s version followed by a hot punch from Huawei, we expect to see Tecno’s take on the trend before Apple resurrects from the foldable iPhone design sessions.

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We expect the foldable Tecno smartphone to feature a sleek shiny design similar to that of the Camon 11. With a 7.3 foldable display size evidenced on all top tier releases so far, Tecno’s foldable version will definitely connive with the same trend for its flagship device.

huawei foldable mate x
we expect  the Tecno foldable smartphone to unfold into a 7.3-inch tablet like the superior Huawei Mate X

As if the design and shiny colors are not enough for a Tecno foldable smartphone, we hope to see 4 cameras or more packed to the device since the company hasn’t yet borrowed the full multiple streaks of flagships like the Nokia 9 PureView. With 2 cameras to the back and 2 front facing cameras on top of the fold, the device would be a selfie beast in a foldable zone.

Alternatively, we expect a 3 folds smartphone and not a 4-folds version as the Tecno Boom X teaser triggered the budget-friendly zone with a panic. So, as Itel mobile and Infinix watch in a tight corner of the foldable chase, we expect to see such a feature-filled foldable Tecno release to shake the high-end notion with price spikes to the budget-friendly lows.

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