Airtel Thank You Bundles, How to Subscribe and all you need to know

Airtel Thank You Bundles is the latest offer that was kickstarted as an appreciation token to customers using the red telco on a daily. In Celebration of 10 years of existence in Uganda having acquired Zain/Celtel, and then Warid telecom, Airtel decided to paint its future path with annual offers to customers.

So, In a bid to celebrate customers that continue to subscribe to Uganda’s 2nd largest telco, Airtel unveiled a new offer for customers dubbed “Thank you bundles” valid every Monday with a 3-day expiry timeframe.

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Similarly, the Airtel Thank You bundles offer roams in a fashion similar to Freaky Friday bundles with a Data + Voice combo. The only difference with the two offers is their validity date with the Thank you bundles ruling Mondays and Freaky Friday waving a Weekend entry flag.

Well, To Subscribe to Airtel Thank you bundles, the *149*10# shortcode shapes in as the subscription procedure with Airtime and Airtel Money as the only available payment methods.

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Even though, the same shortcode routes to Freaky Friday, the code can only be redeemed on Monday for Thank you Bundles, and here is how you can buy an offer every Monday.

How to Subscribe/Buy Airtel Thank You Bundles

  • Dial *149*10# 
  • or *149# to select option 10
  • Choose Your preferred offer (option 1 for 24hours, opt 2 for 3days)
  • Select your Payment method (Airtime or Airtel Money)
  • Done: A Thank you bundle will be loaded to your account

Subscribe/Buy Airtel Thank You Bundles for Another Number

  • Dial *149*10#
  • Then select option 3 (Gift)
  • Select an offer (option 1 for 24hrs, option2 for 3days)
  • Enter an Airtel number to send to
  • Then, choose a Payment method (Airtime or Airtel Money)
  • Done: Your recipient will receive the Thank You Bundle offer

How Thank You Bundles differ from Freaky Friday

Unlike Freak Friday bundles, Airtel Thank you bundles were simply introduced to appreciate customers that have kept their red telco SIM cards active, while Freaky Friday bundles served as a competitive attempt to the then MTN and Africell rules mid weeks.

The major difference between the two offers is their date of availability where Freaky Friday is tamed for Fridays, and Thank you bundles available on Mondays.

However, the two offers feature 24hour and 3-day validity bundles with data + Voice combos. Likely, the offers change per week, and change based on competition dynamics from rival offers like MTN’s Gaga Wednesday and Africell’s Don’t Be Cheated.

Hence, Thank you bundles are more like reloaded Freaky Friday offers since the former begins on Monday when the latter meets its 3-day expiry timeframe through Friday, Saturday to Sunday.

Nevertheless, Thank you bundles are a better way to celebrate Airtel’s continued presence in Uganda.

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