Meet the new version of the Kiira EVS Hybrid car proudly made in Uganda

Among the countries working hard to produce cars in Africa, Uganda is one of those that have strived to put a finished car to the top over foreign manufacturers. The Kiira EV Smack was first unveiled in 2014 and the car model now has a new version being tested in Kampala.

SpaceX Blast Launches recycled rocket in its second launch

SpaceX made it two perfect launches in three days as it blasted off its Falcon 9 . On Monday SpaceX launched 10 satellites to...

NASA wants to change astronauts DNA to protect them when they fly to Mars

NASA is looking at ways of changing the DNA of its Mars astronauts to protect them from radiation. The US space agency plans its...

NASA missions detect massive aurora and radiation spikes on Mars

Ealier this month, NASA probes in orbit and on the Martian surface detected an incredibly bright global aurora as a powerful solar storm struck...

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